Development of a new "start-up business" in Belize

Work Permit Submission / Obtaining a work permit

Permanent Residence Submission / Obtaining Permanent Residency

Oversight of development projects

Serve as your “buyer’s Agent” for a home, villa, condo or resort purchase

Making the Transition to Belize

We are unique in that our firm is owned by an American, who has started, bought, sold and operated businesses both in the United States and Belize. When we came to Belize, we had a multi-year plan to open our business broker & advisory business. You should never seek advice from someone that has “been there-done that”. Until you actually do these things yourself, how can you properly advise others on important decisions.
We’ve owned and operated our own successful businesses in Belize and we’ve helped others to do the same. We have affiliates in the US and in Belize and can offer a full range of services to simplify and make your transition to Belize streamlined and efficient. From business evaluation, real estate appraisals, legal counsel, escrow funding, corporate creation and documentation, to permitting and licensing, we take care of your needs every step of the way.
Buyer's Agent

for a home, land or business

Business Consulting

When Moving to Belize

Find a Business

to Purchase

Develop a Business

Belize Start-Up

Licenses & Permits

Obtain a Work Permit


Obtain Permanent Residency

Planning To Move or Retire in Belize?

Buying or Renting a Home

We can serve as your “buyer’s agent” on any property, single family home, condo or villa. We know the market.

Buying or Starting a Business?

We can help you find a business to purchase or with the development of a start-up business in Belize

Residency, QRP, License & Permits

We can assist you with QRP, work permits, gaining your residency, trade licenses, setting up bank accounts and IBCs

Our Services

Serve as your Buyer’s Agent

for a home, villa, condo or resort purchase

Business Consultant

Help you find a Business to purchase, Development of a new “start-up business” in Belize, Sell your Business, Licensing, Permits, Banking set-up

Business Evaluation Services

Review Financial Statements, P&L, ROI of a business, Audit

Corporation Registration

Requires Central Bank approval, which we can help obtain

Obtaining a Work Permit

Walk you through the process of a Full Work Permit Submission

Obtaining Permanent Residency

Walk you through the process of a Full Permanent Residence Submission

Belize Relocation Services

Shipping, Customs broker & duty submission forms, logistics

Real Estate

evaluation and negotiation

IBC - Offshore Corporation

International Business Corporation Registration and Development

Project Development

Oversight of development projects (on-site management of developing projects) / Management Services for development projects (both financial oversight & physical reporting services)

Let Us Help You Transition to Belize.

If there is something we can do to help save you time and money, reach out today!